Essentials of Human Resources
07 September 2024 Ramallah

Course Overview

The SHRM Essentials of Human Resources program provides an introductory overview of key HR topics and the fundamental issues surrounding HR to help you effectively approach the challenging issues and everyday situations that you face on the job.

Developed by SHRM, the world’s largest HR association and leading advocate for HR professionals, the SHRM Essentials of Human Resources is the first introductory level HR program to incorporate components of the SHRM BoCK and provide insight into the standards for knowledge, strategies and competencies required of effective HR professionals around the world. While this program doesn’t prepare you for the SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP certification exam, it helps set the stage for those interested in pursuing certification.

Why Choose SHRM Essentials for Human Resources

SHRM Essentials of Human Resources provides foundational HR Knowledge  and incorporates components of the SHRM BoCK. It provides insights into the standards for knowledge, strategies and competencies required of effective HR professionals around the world.

SHRM Essentials is ideal for those who are:

  • New to HR
  • Small business owners
  • Managers and professionals with HR responsibilities


Learning Objectives

This program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to:

  • Build a solid foundation in human resource management.
  • Discuss key pieces of federal legislation that impact HR.
  • Understand the role of the EEOC and its investigatory process.
  • Improve your employee recruitment and selection process to help avoid legal pitfalls
  • Understand the importance of effectively communicating base pay, incentive compensation, and benefits information to staff at all levels.
  • Gain knowledge of employee orientation, onboarding, and training and development.
  • Learn the process, methods and purpose of performance appraisals.

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  • The HR profession
  • Strategic and human resource planning
  • Recruiting
  • The selection processes
  • Evaluating applicants
  • Orientation, training, and development
  • Training program design
  • Training evaluation
  • The EEOC and affirmative action
  • Compensation legislation
  • Other federal
  • Total compensation
  • Pay increases and incentives
  • Compensation system design
  • Benefits overview
  • Performance management systems
  • Performance appraisal process
  • Disciplinary action
  • Termination

Educational PARTNER

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management, creates better workplaces where employers and employees thrive together.
As the voice of all things works, workers and the workplace, SHRM is the foremost expert, convener and thought leader on issues impacting today’s evolving workplaces. With 300,000+ HR and business executive members in 165 countries, SHRM impacts the lives of more than 115 million workers and families globally.


Reema Al-Hasan is a dynamic and accomplished professional, currently serving as the Human Resources Manager in the banking sector in Ramallah, Palestine. With a strong sense of autonomy, passion, and an analytical mindset, she has emerged as a results-driven businesswoman who consistently strives for excellence.

Reema earned her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and subsequently pursued a Master's degree in International Studies and Diplomacy, both from Birzeit University in Ramallah, Palestine. Currently, she is dedicated to furthering her academic pursuits by pursuing a Ph.D. in Business Management from Girne American University.

Over her remarkable 15-year career, Reema has garnered extensive experience across diverse sectors, including Human Resources, Public Relations, Media, and Marketing. This multifaceted background has not only contributed to her success but has also positioned her as the youngest HR manager in the banking sector in Palestine. Additionally, Reema serves as a valuable trainer and consultant, specializing in people development topics.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Reema actively engages with various social and national organizations. Committed to the development of youth, she contributes to initiatives aimed at enhancing their skills. Her involvement reflects a broader commitment to empowering young individuals to channel their energy and talents towards positive contributions to both their personal growth and community development.

In essence, Reema Al-Hasan is a forward-thinking and accomplished professional who seamlessly combines academic rigor with practical experience. Her dedication to continuous learning, coupled with a passion for empowering others, underscores her commitment to making meaningful contributions to both the corporate world and societal development. As she embarks on her Ph.D. journey, Reema remains steadfast in her pursuit of excellence and positive impact.


Date Location Investment
7 - 21 Sep 2024 Ramallah 900 $
  • Fees in USD ($) and excluding VAT
  • Fees include:
    • Official SHRM material 
    • Exam
    • Official certificate from SHRM

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