Certified Product Manager
20 July 2024 Ramallah

Course Overview

Product management is the function responsible for championing new products throughout the front end of the product lifecycle, from inception through to launch. It is the "go-to" function that orchestrates internal activities and ensures the best possible outcome for the product. On this course, you will discover best practice in product management that you can apply in your organization to improve the success rate of your products. The course will be highly interactive and will include numerous exercises that reinforce the key points.


  • Prepare for, and take the exam to become an AIPMM Certified Product Manager™ and/or a Certified Product Marketing Manager™
  • Benefit from a higher level of credibility and differentiation amongst your peers
  • Understand best practice in product management and product marketing, and how they can apply to your organization
  • Manage the front end (idea, concept, development, test, launch and the commercialization phase (launch, growth, maturity, decline) of the product lifecycle more effectively



This exam preparation course is ideal for people who wish to refresh their memory on sound principles and practices, while preparing for the exam to gain the Certified Product Manager™ credential.

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Day One
  • The definition of a product and the different levels of a product that exist from the customers' perspective.
  • The various core benefits that a customer seeks and why these are critical to the product manager.
  • Why factors beyond the product itself often have the greatest impact on buying decisions and customer satisfaction.
  • Different types of products and how these differences impact the nature of the product requirements.
Day Three
  • The importance of market segmentation in determining your product positioning
  • How and when to position your product
  • The warning signs that positioning needs revising.
  • The role of a good mission statement
  • The BGG Growth Matrix
  • Product life cycle stages
  • Acquisition as an alternative to internal development
  • A methodology for managing the development process that is in widespread use today.
  • A proven approach to screening ideas
Day Two
  • Product attributes
  • Packaging
  • Labelling
  • Support relationship to the brand
Day Four
  • Overall activities associated with the product launch.
  • Internal launch preparedness
  • Ensuring a smooth transition to production
  • The direct value chain for your product
  • The extended chain of companies delivering the complete solution to your customers.
  • How to develop and nurture your extended value chain to leverage your company's internal resources
  • Pricing strategies for new products
  • Competitive forces
  • The product/market expansion matrix
  • Gathering market intelligence
  • Expanding internationally

Educational PARTNER

Association of International Product Marketing and Management ( AIPMM)

The Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM), founded in 1998, promotes worldwide excellence in product management education and provides value to its individual members, corporate members, strategic partners and sponsors by providing valuable content, training, education, certification and professional networking opportunities. The mission of the AIPMM is to advance the field of product management across all industries.


Ahmad Barbar boasts a rich professional background spanning over 13 years, primarily focused on product creation and management. With a track record that includes tenure at reputable organizations like Jawwal and his current role as Wholesale & Roaming Marketing Manager at Ooredoo, Ahmad has spearheaded numerous initiatives driving revenue growth and market expansion. Armed with expertise in strategic planning, market analysis, and team leadership, Ahmad brings a wealth of experience to his endeavors.

Over the course of his career, Ahmad has amassed diverse experience, including co-founding multiple startups across telecom, tourism, data analytics, and social media sectors. Since 2018, he has broadened his scope to offer training and consulting services in Product & Business Development, Pricing, and Portfolio Management to companies spanning various industries. Notably, Ahmad holds the distinction of being the first and only AIPMM authorized trainer in Palestine, cementing his standing in the product management sphere.

Academically, Ahmad holds degrees from esteemed institutions, including a Master's in Management from Cardiff, UK, and a Bachelor of Engineering from Birzeit, Palestine.

Renowned for his exceptional communication skills, Ahmad excels in cultivating and leading highly effective teams while adeptly training both technical and non-technical personnel. His ability to simplify complex concepts, fluently communicated in both English and Arabic, underscores his proficiency in the field.


Date Location Investment
20 July - 10 August 2024 Ramallah 2,000 $
  • Training fees excluding VAT
  • Fees include
    • Original CPM Material
    • AIPMM Membership
    • Exam Fees
    • Certificate of completion

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